The Beginning of my Love of Books

I have read thousands of books and enjoyed probably 95% of them. I remember the first book I tried to read- an encyclopedia that one of my parents had used and left on the couch. I approached the book, carefully looked around to make sure no one was coming, sat down on the couch, and pulled the encyclopedia onto my lap. I stared hard at the little black marks on the page, completely determined to learn how to understand them and read for myself. And so began my lifelong love for books.

You’re probably wondering, “So what?” Well, there’s plenty more to my story, but the main point is that I really love books. I am a complete bibliomaniac, bibliophile, booklover, bibliolater, bookman, bookworm. You choose the book-related name and that’s probably me. So why am I “hardcoverlover”? Easy. Booklover was taken, and I sure don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder so I took the next best name. (Ok, not really. It took me some thought to come up with a name that convinced me.) However, please don’t think I only like or appreciate hardcover books. NO! I love all types of books, from hardcover, paperbacks, electronic books, the back of cereal boxes…

(Talk about that Post’s Cereals employee’s dedication to the company!)


That last one doesn’t really count, but my point is that as long as it can be read, I will take it.

Of course, like any non-robot, I do have my preferences. You’ll get to know them better as I put up more posts, such as my book reviews. Hope you enjoy them!


Author: hardcoverlover

This avid reader enjoys many hobbies such as writing, drawing, learning languages, swimming, and learning in general. Her main hobby though, will always be reading! Stay tuned for more posts if you can't get enough of books too!

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