Author Interview Questions

So bookies (hardcore book fans),

Obviously, we have something in common. We all love books. But we wouldn’t have them if it weren’t for the awesome authors who create those stories complete with fictional worlds and people. Not to mention all the people involved in getting the story published and available for everyone to read.

So today, in a show of gratitude for these awesome people, I’d like to ask you: Who is your favorite author and why? If you could speak directly to this author, what would you ask them? You may have guessed where I am going with this. A published author has agreed to an interview. This is your chance to contribute your ideas- what would you would like to know? I’ll try to include your questions if they are not already on my list. Also, what would you like to ask the author’s assistant?

Hopefully, we will soon be getting more authors interviewed. In the meantime, brainstorm and feel free to comment! Excited? I know I am!

minions happy excited


Author: hardcoverlover

This avid reader enjoys many hobbies such as writing, drawing, learning languages, swimming, and learning in general. Her main hobby though, will always be reading! Stay tuned for more posts if you can't get enough of books too!

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