New Co-Author

Hi bookies (those dreaming of better books)!

I have news. I have a new co-author that will be helping me on this blog. No, I won’t be abandoning you or posting any less. My co-author will just be helping me. She is my sister, Aramia. Some of you might remember that I had mentioned the bookharpy before. (See her site here.) But this is another sister of mine. She will be assisting me, writing blog posts, reviews, and adding material to my different pages. Think “glorified book lackey”. Just kidding! Don’t kill me, lackey!

But seriously, expect great changes! Aramia has a great sense of humor and is witty enough to confuse even experts. She loves dragons and books about them, thus the picture you see. Best of all, like my whole family, Aramia is also a bookie. (Again, I am not talking about an illegal activity.) So stay tuned for more! Feel free to express your fears and concerns about this big update or welcome Aramia.


Author: hardcoverlover

This avid reader enjoys many hobbies such as writing, drawing, learning languages, swimming, and learning in general. Her main hobby though, will always be reading! Stay tuned for more posts if you can't get enough of books too!

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