My Dismay with Publishers

You know that terrible moment when a book’s release date gets pushed back? This is story-rant.



Heya Book Kooks, It’s Ink&Scales, back with literate masses with a rant in mind.

This feeling has been floating in my head for quite some time now, and since I have you Book Kooks to talk to, I thought I’d get your feedback.

The Situation: 

There’s this new series that came out a while back that I really got into from the get-go. It really wasn’t in my best interest to do so, but I couldn’t help myself. The first book came out and I read it about a month after the release. IT. WAS. GREAT. So much so that I keep re-reading it at odd intervals to keep the details fresh in my mind and, well, because I can’t keep my electronic mitts off that e-book. I kept checking Illy A’s (Author nickname, see if you guys can guess who and what book) website, so I was totally hyped as the publishing date drew nearer and nearer. And then, calamity struck. The book was not coming out, not then.

extreme shock n sad

That was bad enough, but then I found out that it wouldn’t be published for until some time in 2017! OVER A YEAR LATER!!!

angry i trusted you

I was foaming at the mouth. The anger, the agony, it was too much to bear. Truly, I was an inch from the “depths of despair,” to quote Anne of Green Gables. It hurt me, deep in my soul, as I cursed those people with bunions and kidney stones and bratty kids/nephews.

Apparently, Illy A missed a deadline and that pushed her publish date back a year and some. The reason was that the publishers had several other books scheduled and they didn’t want to release too many at one time.

As it is, the plan is to relaunch the first book (new cover and some extras), 3 months later the second book comes out, and 3 months after THAT the third book will be released. At least, that is plan. It’s great that the wait between #2 and #3 will be minimal compared to most series releases, but still. TWO AND A HALF YEARS. That’s how long the wait will be in all of its entirety, IF there are no further mishaps. 2 1/2 years without another fix from this new addiction.

You should never cut an addict off cold turkey. I’m surprised I haven’t died.

Nine months down, 11 months to go...


And now…

The Question: 

So now that the stage is set, I present my question to you, my fellow literature addicts: Why? Why can’t they release it at the same time as other books? Is it a question of money, exposure, …?


Read, Like, Comment.

Don’t bite your tongue, you know you want to.   😉

Image result for megaphone

P.S.: I planning on reviewing the Chronicles of Narnia in my next posts, one book at a time. Look forward to my thoughts on the first book, The Magician’s Nephew, next week!

P.S.S.: I beg of you, please respond. The miasma has returned and I need something to distract me from my despair.


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