Return of the Absent-Minded One

Heya Book-Kooks!

You may not remember me, it being ages since I posted, but it’s me, Aramia. Apparently,  I’m not dead.

extreme shock n sad

Yeah, I know, it’s amazing!

You see, I suffer this serious problem  in which I disappear of the face of the Earth and have to be badgered into returning once more to real life or, in this case, blogger life. So please thank Hardcoverlover, for without her I would still be visiting Underhill, Beneath, and a variety of different worlds and dimensions. Due to her constant poking, I’m here. Really, several times I’d wilt in shame when she’d ask me if I had posted. “Yeah, about that…umm, no.” And then the silence would be suffocating.

So, yes, I have been reading many books in my absence (this year I’m averaging about 21 books per month, proof that I need a life), I just haven’t brought myself to write any reviews.

I know, that’s quite selfish of me.


Also, I must give an apology to all of the Book-Kooks. On my last post, I promised to start posting weekly reviews on the Chronicles of Narnia, but I never did. It’s not that I don’t like the CoN, because I really do, it just was that the urge to review was like a week old soup noodle, soggy and super-limp. And for that, I apologize. A thousand pardons.


I will post in a few day, but it won’t be on the CoN. Sorry. I do that one later on. It’ll be over one of the books I’ve recently read. I’m still not sure which one it’ll be, so think of it as a surprise!

So see ya soon-ish!


Sister’s site

sister site


Hi bookies (by which I mean the totally legal book lovers out there),

So, I think I finally got the hang of this WordPress account. It took a while there, but I definitely couldn’t have done it without the help of the book harpy. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? Okay, maybe a little. But seriously, bookharpy on WordPress was the one who helped. She happens to be a book blogger/reviewer and also, incidentally, my younger sister.

That’s why in a gesture of appreciation I want to take a bit of time to promote her WordPress. If you’d like to visit it, here’s the link. You’ll also see it under my “Blogs I Follow”.

She has done a ton of reviews, has gotten tons of books, and has a great layout. Stop by her site for more book loving fun. What about you guys? What are your favorite book loving sites? Feel free to include your book blogs, book giveaway sites, and other interesting book-related sites!